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Features that will boost
your hotel
The application has been developed in cooperation with more than 150 hotels. This ensures that the expectations of hotel managers, marketing and sales departments and front-desk staff will be met.
Earn more revenue by allowing guests to directly order hotel services and products on the application.
Connect with guests prior to their arrival
Have you received a guest’s contact details from your booking engine? Create a specialized message that gives them access to the application, so they can browse and purchase your services even before they arrive.
Live chat
Send guests a direct message via the live chat function. Resolve any problems and handle their inquiries regardless of where the guests are.
Mass messages
Forget about leaflets! Let your guests know about ongoing specials by sending them mass messages. Thanks to the application’s automatic push notifications, your specials will never be overlooked again.
Hotel feedback
Gain valuable, real-time feedback on various aspects of your hotel’s operation, such as staff quality or cleanliness. Besides reviews, you will receive guest comments as well.
Social media promotion
Promote your social media profiles and reach new fans! Any like or share by your guests will help increase your visibility among their network.
Gain actionable insights from data
Make informed decisions based on the guest, sales, and staff data. In case you cannot decide what to do, RoomAssistant will show you your missed opportunities and suggest the proper action you should take.
Communicate with guests after their stay
Send offers and information to guests even after check-out. This way, you can better ensure customer loyalty!
Connect with guests prior to their arrival
Have you received a guest’s contact details from your booking engine? Create a specialized message that gives them access to the application, so they can browse and purchase your services even before they arrive.
Language selection
Choose which languages to offer your guests on the application. The current languages being offered include English, German and Slovak.
Run on our servers
Both the application and administration are housed on our servers, so you don’t have to install any software on your hotel computers. All you need is an Internet connection, login and password.
Improve staff efficiency
Increase guest satisfaction by speeding up your internal processes. Each inquiry is directed to the relevant department, so the right employee can quickly resolve any guest issue.
We provide manuals, video tutorials, consultations and a frequently updated blog to teach you how best to use the application. We even offer a special application Academy and eBooks on a variety of topics.
Targeted instructions for guests to download application
Guests receive a welcome note during check-in in their preferred language, where they receive information about the application and download options.
Features that will delight
your guests
Guests can easily overcome all common difficulties they face during their stay. Let them enjoy the new level of customer service with RoomAssistant.
Order any hotel service without having to visit or call the often busy and overloaded front desk. You’re just two clicks away!
Live chat
Do you need something from reception or another department? Reach the right person via our live chat option. No matter where you are, you’ll get what you need.
Hotel feedback
Let the hotel know what you like about your stay, as well as suggestions for improvement. Your feedback will go directly towards perfecting your future stay.
Social network
Directly share photos and experiences from your stay on your favorite social media site. You can also keep in touch with hotel news by following its social media profiles.
Our 2D and 3D maps will surely come in handy while you’re out exploring the area around the hotel. It’s pre-loaded to help you find interesting places to visit nearby and navigate back to the hotel.
Learn about current hotel deals and specials. Thanks to the application’s push notifications, you won’t miss out on any discount, event or interesting piece of news.
Reception services
Request hotel services, cleaning services, a taxi or wake-up call.
Language selection
Choose the language you prefer to communicate in. You’ll receive all notifications from the hotel in this language, no problem.
In the application menu, there’s a section with up-to-the-minute information, such as a special menu in the hotel restaurant, weather forecast or invitation to an exciting event.
List of visited hotels
You can see offers and other information from hotels you were accommodated in. This will ease your decision making about where to come again.
Device selection
It is up to you if you will use the application on your smartphone or tablet with Android or iOS. It also doesn't matter on how many devices the application is used within one room.
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