Our achievements
Entrepreneurial Idea of the Year 2014
With our application, we got into the finals and ranked among TOP 3 mobile applications.
Apps RULEZZ 2016
We ranked 2nd in the category Non-branded apps, 3rd in the category Tablet apps, and 3rd in the category Best App Developer of the Year.
Creative Business Cup 2016
We ranked among TOP 3 best projects in ACE Creative Bootcamp (Slovak national round) that is a part of the national competition Creative Business Cup.
Our team

Matej Majzel
“ Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice. ”
Lukas Kakalejcik
Marketing Specialist
“ Always look awesome! You never know who is stalking you. ”
Lukas Bednar
Sales director
“ I like money more than people because I have never met a dollar I didn’t like. ”
Michael Kubovič
Lead Developer
“ 60% of the time, deployments work everytime! ”
Kamila Čellárová
Sales Manager
“ I hate being bi-polar, it´s awesome! ”
Milan Križan
Business Development - Scandinavia
“ Beast mode? You mean awake? ”
Ján Baško
Lead Frontend Developer
“ If debugging is the process of removing bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in. ”
Lenka Fabianová
Business Development Specialist
“ Someone told me that I live in a fantasyland. I almost fell off my unicorn. ”
Michal Pavúk
Front-end Developer
“ I eat code for breakfast. ”
Christopher O.R Edobor
Regional Manager/Marketing Specialist
“ I am a journeyman, trying to find myself in this world of mystery. ”
Karol Batek
Support Manager
“ I try to take it one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once. ”
We also support great stuffs
We are members of the Kiwanis organization that helps children and families all over the world. Some of the largest, most impactful projects we support are the Dorka rescue center for families and Kiwanis Bábika (KiBa).
Training and lectures
We provide free lessons for young people in order to motivate them to step out of their comfort zone. We want to encourage them to follow their dreams, start their own business and expand their horizons.
The Carpathian Foundation
We help the Carpathian Foundation promote their ongoing projects. The Foundation focuses on improving living conditions for the residents of Eastern Slovakia. Since its creation, the Foundation has funded hundreds of projects to the amount of 1.8 million EUR.
ŽHK Poprad
We support the ŽHK Poprad women’s hockey team. It’s the only team in Slovakia that pays its players. A hearty congratulations to the team for their 2015/2016 championship season!
And many more is coming...
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