Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Q: Is it important to provide mobile application to guests in my hotel?
A: 93% of your guests have either smartphone or tablet. Thanks to RoomAssistant, you can reach them (and they can reach you, too) in real time. They will have all your services at their fingertips, regardless they are inside or outside of the hotel. Besides, they will not be discouraged from reservation because of supercharged front desk. It will ease and speed up the communication with your guests. You will see the results in the form of raised revenue from services, and, last but not least, your staff will work more effectively.
Q: How much time does it take to train my staff to use the application?
A: Working with the administration is easy and intuitive. This ensures that your staff will master it quickly. We also provide short video tutorials and manual, so your staff can get back to it when they struggle. You can also use it to train a new employee when you hire one. In addition, we are willing to train your staff in person.
Q: How much effort does management have to put into the implementation of RoomAssistant?
A: The only effort management have to spend is to let us know how they want the application to look like. Once they tell us their preferences about menu, colors and other content, our team will prepare the whole application and send it to approve. In case we need more details, we ask and put them in place immediately. The app is released solely after approval of the hotel.
Q: How exactly will the application adjust to the needs of our hotel?
A: We are able to adapt colors, logo, photos, menu, reservation settings, departments and user rights of your employees. In addition, we can create white-labeled application that can be found in AppStore and Google Play with the name and logo of your hotel. If there is any feature that the app doesn't posses but you need it, we can develop it for you, too.
Q: What support will I receive from RoomAssistant?
A: We can start with configuration, implementation and launch of the application for you. But, we want to provide more than a tool. We believe, that when we learn our clients how to work with the application, they will extract the full value of it. This is the reason why we provide consultations, manuals, tutorials and write useful blog posts, too.
Q: How will guests learn about the application?
A: During the check-in, the guest will receive the Welcome note containing information where they can download the app. In case of interest, this Welcome note will be sent to the guest’s e-mail, too. We also provide embed code for hotel websites with links to download. Besides, we can design flyers, table tents and other media you can place to rooms or front desk. You can learn some tricks how to promote the app among your guests in one of our our blog posts, too.
Q: What is the cost of the application for guests?
A: The application is available for guests free of charge. This will ensure that hotel guests will use it. It gives you an opportunity to start a conversation with them so don't miss it.
Q: What do we need to run your system in our hotel?
A: Our system is cloud-based, so the entire system runs on our servers. You don't have to install any software to your computers, all you need is the Internet connection. This solution allows you to access the administration anywhere!
Q: Does the mobile application run solely on smartphones?
A: No, the application is also available for tablets.
Q: Can you connect RoomAssistant with our other systems (e. g. PMS systems etc.)?
A: We can provide you with the API that allows you to connect RoomAssistant with your other systems in the way they require.
Q: Is the contract between my hotel and RoomAssistant closed for an indefinite time?
A: As we want to treat our clients fairly, your can choose from 2 options. First option allows you to choose contract that is not time-bounded, so you can end the partnership anytime. Second option allows you to pre-pay the application for the year ahead. This way, you can save 2 monthly payments per year as a reward for your trust.
Q: How will the application develop in the near future?
A: We simlutaneously work on improvements in user experience. Yours and your guests'. Besides that, our clients contribute to the application development with their ideas. So, if you find anything that would ease your life, feel free to let us know!
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